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BCG Platinion's Publications

At BCG Platinion, the focus is naturally on project work. However, we are asked time and again to share our knowledge and experience. Below is a selection of publications we have contributed to or authored.

Our critical infrastructure is more vulnerable than ever - It doesn't have to be that way

Subway cars stuck in a tunnel. Electricity blackouts. A breached dam. Jammed telecommunications. These and other potential consequences of critical infrastructure security breaches can at best cause just inconvenience; at worst, they can lead to death or destruction on a shocking scale. Power outages in the Ukraine in 2015 and 2016 represent two such cases in point.

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Generating value while transforming insurers' legacy technology

For insurers that are considering a digital transformation of their business, technology is at the heart of the endeavor. Drawing on our transformation experience, we developed a flexible, staged solution that produces value fast and speaks to how to best balance the need to transform your technology and the equally critical need to manage your business during the transformation.

How to prepare for the cyberattack that is coming to your company

In collaboration with the cyber resilience initiative of the World Economic Forum, BCG Platinion, BCG, MIT Connection Science and MIT Sloan (IC)3 worked together to identify, design and test methods to effectively engage boards and other senior stakeholders on the critical complex issue of cybersecurity.

The article was initially published on the website and was written based on joint research of the above organizations.

Banking redefined: The rise of open banking

We are on the cusp of a true innovation in financial services, driven in great part by the rise of the much-discussed millennials demographic – open banking.

Five secrets to scaling up Agile

As the quality of software rises and the responsiveness of processes improves, companies are applying agile principles to activities other than software development. For such companies, Agile can become a journey of continuous improvement.