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BCG Platinion Cybersecurity Practice

BCG Platinion develops and implements a cybersecurity strategy that is integrated into the client organization’s overall strategy, mission, and goals. Uniquely, at BCG Platinion we customize multiple components of that strategy for: digital systems used in operations, classic information technology systems, Internet of Things, Industrial Internet of Things, mobile, and specialized applications (e.g.: medical devices, vehicles, etc.). Moreover, we construct cybersecurity strategies both for organizations that use technology, as well as organizations that develop cybersecurity products and services for their own clients. BCG Platinion’s unique, systematic and comprehensive methodology provides the most cost effective cybersecurity approach for all the organization’s assets: data, intellectual property, physical, human, operations, and reputation, from protection through crisis management. Our offerings include:

  • Board Awareness – Designed to aid senior management in educating the Board and gaining the support of the Board for a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy and implementation.
  • Users of Technology Products & Services – Targeting organizations that use technology by developing and implementing an agile systematic cybersecurity strategy that is integrated into the client organization’s overall strategy for systematic cyber risk assessment, cyber risk mitigation, cyber resilience strategy, anomaly detection, and crisis management.
  • Vendors of Technology Products & Services – Designed to develop cybersecurity product strategies for existing and future products and services.

Michael Coden
Associate Director
Head of Cybersecurity Practice

10 Hudson Yards
New York, NY
10001 United States

Tel. +1 (646) 455-4621
Mobile +1 (646) 923-6165

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