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Offering: Digital

Major transformation efforts and strategies require process digitalization – an effort that is far too often disjointed. A holistic approach to process digitalization requires the bringing of assets, experts, and strategic thinkers all together in one room, driven by one common vision. BCG Platinion experts can assist in asset prototyping and developing critical processes for our clients’ digital opportunities, and through an integrated offering with BCG, bring the correct level of strategic thinking to the digitalization process.

The BCG Platinion digital development center can support full blown roll-outs in a collaborative environment, offering end-to-end capabilities (e.g. prototyping to digital solution roll-outs).

Fabrice Lebegue
Managing Director

1000 Rue de la Gauchtiere
Bureau 4200
Montreal, Quebec H3B 4W5

Tel. +1 (514) 228-5819
Mobile +1 (514) 941-4227

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