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What does the interview process look like?You will have two to four interviews with BCG Platinion employees. If you convince your potential new colleagues and supervisors of your capability, we will make you an offer.

How can I best prepare for the interviews?We want to acquaint ourselves with suitable candidates at length. You will therefore speak with several of your potential colleagues and supervisors. By using typical case studies from our day-to-day project work, you will get to know BCG Platinion's working methods and project types. We will also answer any questions you may have.

At what career level do applicants typically start?At BCG Platinion, it is possible to start at varying career levels. For applicants with professional experience or recent graduates with practical experience, BCG Platinion offers the possibility to begin directly as an IT Architect or IT Consultant. Applicants with several years of professional and leadership experience may have the opportunity to begin their career at higher levels, e.g., as Project Leader or Senior IT Architect.

Is a high willingness to travel a precondition for working at Platinion?Working at BCG Platinion means engagement within national and international projects. You will therefore normally work on-site with the client from Monday to Thursday. Friday is the so-called "office day" at BCG Platinion, where, if the project situation allows, you can work for the client from the BCG Platinion office. This makes exchanges with colleagues easier and helps develop BCG Platinion.

How long do projects normally last?The duration of projects at Platinion varies strongly depending on project type and content. Shorter projects are normally finished within three to four weeks. When accompanying an implementation or merger, projects can take longer than a year. In extended projects, there is typically the possibility to occasionally change the composition of the project team.

How will my work be evaluated?After the end of each project, at least twice a year, our employees receive comprehensive feedback regarding their performance. Besides project evaluation, many employees have a target agreement on objectives that will be evaluated at the end of the business year.

How can I develop professionally and personally?We take your professional and personal development very seriously. Based on your work evaluations, we address your potential for development within regular conversations and decide with you on participation in internal and external training initiatives, allowing you to develop further in a goal-oriented manner.

What application documents do I need to submit?To get a comprehensive understanding of your knowledge and skills, we ask for a cover letter, your resume, a detailed list of your previous projects, and an overview of your skills. We will also send you a link to our EEO self identification form.

How long will it take until I hear from you?After we have received your application, you will normally get confirmation within a few days. After a week at the latest, we will inform you if and how we will proceed.

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