Digital Banking Lead Developer

Together with our clients and project teams, you will focus on Digital Banking projects and lead Agile development cycles, manage a small team of developers (internal / external) and develop code.

Typical tasks include the following

  • Supporting BCG Platinion team in developing leads, client pitches and proposals, and developing PoCs and prototypes
  • Leads the implementation execution in client projects from the BCG Platinion perspective
  • Manage internal communication with project manager and external communication with clients on the allocated projects
  • Manage the resolution of incidents and problems across the development environments
  • Assist in defining and improving development methodologies
  • Provide essential input in all stages of development (research, prototype, iterative/modular development and on-going maintenance/enhancements)
  • Help manage requirements gathering and specification phases of development process
  • Define technical requirements for business and/or functionality needs
  • Assess functional and technical requirements to develop applications
  • Participate in the initial development of all projects ensuring that all opportunities and limitations are explored with regard to defining the best user experience for clients
  • Aid in the creation of prototypes as supporting material for appropriate projects
  • Ensure the integrity and quality of each agreed project deliverable is of the highest standard and meets the original agreed specification
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with all stakeholders including project teams, clients and third parties
  • Consistently communicate to all team members (Project Manager, Developers and QA members) where needed to ensure requirements are understood and questions are answered

Candidate Qualifications
The ideal candidate possesses:

  • Extensive experience of leading front end development with a knowledge of software
    development methods
  • Extensive understanding of the design and development challenges
  • Extensive experience of front end requirements analysis and documentation
  • Experience of rapid prototyping / wireframe modeling
  • Understanding of W3C compliant HTML and CSS standards, XHTML, HTML, CSS 2.0, Firebug, Jquery, Javascript & Ajax
  • Familiarity with Ruby on rail, Python, PHP and other OO and scripting languages
  • Experience of developing against a range of browsers, and Mobile platform such as iOS
  • Outstanding analytical and conceptual skills
  • Distinct client and results orientation
  • 5+ years experience with Agile (SCRUM, XP), DevOps, continuous delivery etc.
  • Experience with mobile, web apps, portals, analytics, business process management
  • Experience with data modeling and data integration
  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills to be able to establish rapport with people at all levels and translate technical terminology into user friendly language
  • Team spirit, communication and presentation skills, and mental agility
  • Flexibility, ability to work under pressure, and willingness to travel

Professional Skills

  • Analytical and structured
  • Highly professional and rigorous
  • Able to think strategically/end-to-end
  • Results-oriented
  • Team player, open, pleasure to work with and positive in a group dynamic
  • Personal Attributes
  • Loyal and reliable
  • Highest ethical standards
  • Flexible and creative: ability to propose innovative ideas, build empathy within the firm and win the trust of the clients
  • Good interpersonal skills but also judgment independency and autonomy
  • Entrepreneurial, proactive, and productive

New York Metro Area

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