Do you have extremely high expectations?
Then you should work with people who are just like you.

Quality. Please.

BCG Platinion’s success is no accident. We emphasize high quality standards. We delve deeper and are not satisfied with the first suitable answer–when others stop, we keep going.

We work with our clients, not for them or apart from them–that is the only way to generate practicable concepts that are welcomed by our clients, not simply standardized blueprints. Thanks to close collaboration, our clients instinctively recognize that we work not only with our minds, but also with our hearts.

All of our employees maintain this promise of quality each and every day by demonstrating exceptional flexibility, expertise, and self-motivation. This makes it possible to “turn large wheels” with small, powerful teams.

Internally at BCG Platinion, we are also dedicated to our motto “Quality. Please.” Shortfalls are discussed frankly, regardless of an employee’s position or name. Everyone is taken seriously from the outset, but in return we expect awareness, reflection, and constructive behavior. We allocate significant human and financial resources to support the growth of our company as well as the personal growth of individuals.

Naturally, the demands on our staff are exceptionally high. Even so, creative freedom, quick assumption of responsibility, and–not least–multiple possibilities for consistent development continue to motivate all of us to take up the ever-growing challenges.