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Offering: Post-Merger Integration

IT is of critical importance in a post-merger integration (PMI) setting. In a PMI, IT integration usually:

  • drives a significant percentage of potential synergies,
  • costs more and takes longer as compared to other areas of the PMI,
  • and is a complex undertaking.

Successful technology PMI is dependent on bringing deep IT capabilities to the table. A BCG Platinion team can help clients with their most significant technology challenges in such large scale transformations, by providing support, across the entire IT PMI lifecycle (Due Diligence, Pre-Study, Implementation, Migration Preparation, Go-Live and Stabilization). The team will help you execute the program successfully.

Successful program execution across the above activities utilizes an IT PMI approach founded upon the following principles:

  • Translating strategic logic for the PMI into guiding IT principles as early as possible
  • Communicating high-level milestones early on in the process
  • Insisting on business and IT senior leadership to jointly manage IT interdependencies
  • Tracking the progress on capturing IT synergies throughout the program
  • Decoupling events – don’t do everything on one date
  • Choosing one existing infrastructure – a best of both worlds approach is usually too complex
  • Migrating first and optimizing later with a focus on de-risking the integration
  • Developing fall-backs and identifying alternative solutions if needed
  • Recognizing IT in PMI is complex, managing inter dependencies top-down and bottom-up
  • Keeping an open mind to non-traditional data migration strategies

BCG Platinion provides deep IT expertise and large scale implementation knowledge to help link strategic CIO perspectives to tangible business value within the PMI. Our team structure focuses on managing critical technology issues and helping our clients realize the value in the integration:

Project Managers
Experienced IT consultants contribute or run a program management office to ensure the successful delivery of projects within the integration pipeline. Our employees are highly experienced with implementation approaches and methodologies.

Consultants are technology athletes – they bring a broad range of functional and IT expertise into the project and can support various integration workstreams as needed. These individuals are experienced with business and technical requirements gathering and are also experienced in developing and writing RFP responses as part of the vendor selection process in a PMI environment. They are specialized in running the smart PMO.

IT Architects bring deep technical software and architecture experience to help evaluate applications and IT landscapes, and are critical for the creation of a successful integration platform moving forward.

Test Managers
Testing managers promote PMI success by establishing and coordinating a strong testing effort that focuses on quality and testing advocacy, planning, and resolution of testing issues. BCG Platinion test managers bring strong leadership and communication skills to help effectively lead a testing team to ensure a high quality implementation and migration

Data Migration Managers
Data migration managers are experienced professionals from all levels that can orchestrate the migration planning, design and execution effort for software implementation and data migration projects.

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