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Execution Excellence is our Foundation

BCG Platinion North America is a division of The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) focused on IT implementation and risk management services. We partner with BCG and our clients to identify their highest-value opportunities, address their most critical challenges, and implement their key initiatives.

BCG Platinion supports clients in both Technology and Risk Services through the following core values:

  • BCG Platinion has a team that consists of hands-on, execution oriented practitioners with strong implementation skill sets
  • Our consultant composition is designed to bring deep industry experience to clients
  • We approach projects with a results-oriented mentality
  • Our teaming approach is aligned to high performance work principles – focused on execution and also teaming with clients to succeed

BCG Platinion’s core offerings include:

  1. Risk and compliance services
  2. M&A integration and separation
  3. Agile/ SDLC specialists
  4. Large Scale Technology Program Management and Delivery
  5. Big Data and IT architect services
  6. Digital services
  7. IT Project managers and testing
  8. Cybersecurity

Core Technology Practice

Our work at BCG Platinion is always aligned with the clients’ strategic economic objectives. We judge solutions by their contribution to the success of the business and long-term effect on the company wide IT architecture.

The interaction of technology, organization, and strategy leads to a variety of different project types. We are working on, or have completed, projects in the following areas:

  • Management of large-scale projects
  • Restructuring of IT processes and organization
  • Functional and technical support of mergers and acquisitions
  • Analysis of IT and software architecture weaknesses
  • Specification and implementation of IT architectures
  • Product evaluation, such as core systems
  • Technical concept development and design of software solutions
  • Quality assurance for IT implementation
  • Design and implementation of feasibility studies
  • Load and performance tests

Risk Practice

BCG Platinion is BCG’s execution arm, providing Risk, Audit, and Compliance execution to Financial Services firms. BCG Platinion works side by side with our clients to help solve practical problems and support with the daily operations of the institution. Through a combination of project management, staff augmentation, and proprietary tools, BCG Platinion offers valuable executions services that complement strategic advice.

BCG Platinion’s key capabilities in Risk Strategy & Implementation include:

  • Regulatory change management
  • Stress testing & capital planning (CCAR/ DFAST)
  • Model Risk Management
  • Risk Staff Augmentation
  • Proprietary Modeling Techniques (e.g., PPNR, Retail)
  • Liquidity Risk & Collateral Management
  • Operational compliance frameworks (e.g., currency transactions & clearing, internal alert architecture and escalation)
  • Risk Governance (e.g., AML, OFAC, Resolution)
  • Regulatory Reporting
  • Risk Technology Architecture
  • Proprietary tools for modeling and report generation

Cybersecurity Practice

BCG Platinion’s new Cybersecurity practice provides a cost effective methodology that includes a unique, systematic and comprehensive approach for all the organization’s assets: data, intellectual property, physical, human, operations, and reputation, from protection through crisis management.

In conjunction with BCG, our Cybersecurity Practice targets organizations that use technology and those that develop cyber security products for their own clients. Our preliminary offerings include:

  • Board awareness
  • Users of technology products & services
  • Vendors of technology products & services