Do you need sustainable solutions?
Then you should rely on someone with foresight.

Impact Counts

Our primary objective is to have a positive impact on our clients’ businesses. Impact is considerably more than just gaining new insights. Impact means a sustainable change. Ultimately, it is only impact that counts, without elevating it to dogma.

Every company, especially large corporations, must be considered a complex social system of individuals with limited autonomy, who are characterized by a diversity of personal objectives, interests, and convictions or prejudices. The company processes that intertwine these individuals are often the result of years of hard, conflict-laden work and stepwise development. To effect a sustainable change within such a system is an overwhelming challenge–especially for external consultants.

BCG Platinion confronts this challenge by focusing, from the outset, on results. Every client is different, even when projects have similar objectives. One rule always applies: Context is everything. We compile customized solutions that meet the specific requirements of our clients given their business situation and objectives.

Only collaboration with the client can lead to the best results. We form teams that include IT personnel and the relevant specialized departments to define and develop the project outcome. You might think that the diversity in the work groups would slow the project work, but in fact, it is a precondition for achieving a mutually satisfying work result. Demanding the most from our on-site teams is also crucial to the successful implementation of solutions.

Communication is vital and we devote working time to relaying project results to the board of directors, relevant decision-making committees (such as the steering committee), and the responsible implementation managers on site. Only the early and systematic involvement of all concerned units will lead to the intended sustainable change and the greatest impact.