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Knowing What's Important

The task of a BCG Platinion consultant, while working on a client project, is not just to contribute his own ideas, but also to bring the know-how of the entire BCG Platinion division to the table.

To achieve this, we foster the direct exchange of information and knowledge among our employees by providing appropriate platforms for collaboration.

In addition, every completed project contributes to our knowledge base. The interdisciplinary experience and knowledge gained is systematically prepared and distributed to our teams via a central knowledge pool–while strictly complying with the utmost confidentiality requirements of our clients.

This constantly increasing pool of information is an important basis for our professional consulting services and the continuous growth of our employees’ expertise. This pool includes access to the worldwide industry expertise of our parent company, The Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

To meet business demands, BCG Platinion is internally organized by industry. Even within related industries, such as banking and insurance, the differences in specific requirements and IT characteristics are often significant and must at all costs be considered in the specific project work.

The experience we acquire while working within various industries, is continuously analyzed, processed, and shared within our practice groups. The collected knowledge is enriched by the exchange of ideas and collaboration with the corresponding BCG practice groups–a further example of the close cooperation between Platinion and its parent company.