Case Study

Enhancing the customer experience for a leading health insurer

Thanks to the availability of digital content, patients are more in control of their own healthcare and have an array of choice over which health plans and specialists to select. This presents an enormous opportunity for a health insurer to improve the customer experience by guiding the patient through the process.

The Challenge

Highmark, a leading insurer in the B2B market, wanted to build on its success by offering an equally compelling service for consumers. Naturally, the existing customer journey designed for enterprise clients was no longer fit-for-purpose and digital projects were being implemented independently and without consistency. Highmark engaged our team to design a customer experience strategy that was supported with compelling products and services that would appeal to a new audience.

The Approach

Our team evaluated and designed a system where existing technology, people, processes, platform, and environments, previously built to serve and support enterprise customers, could now support consumers. To help customers take control of their health care, Highmark asked the team to create a new vision for its customer experience strategy – one which would be embedded across the entire organization. “Highmark is positioned to better serve consumers and grow its business, as the health care industry continues to evolve.” Dutch MacDonald, Managing Director, Global Design Lead. Before designing a new customer engagement strategy, our team performed ethnographic studies and evaluated all the current touch points and ways to empower consumers with information on healthcare reform. The team subsequently streamlined enrollment tools for new members, which included a cost calculator to help monitor health spending, a planning tool to compare treatment options, new health statements and a guide to help customers save on tax. The team also developed an integrated platform to synchronize provider and claims data. And for all future products – a design coding language system. A redesign of all the consumer touch points, including EOBs, web portals and customer communications completed the project.

The Impact

By better understanding the customer journey, our team was able to design an end-to-end consumer experience strategy that has been implemented across the entire business. The project resulted in highly satisfying business outcomes.


projected savings


site visits in first year


increase in number of users
self-managing insurance online

Looking Into the Future

Highmark has been able to move into a new market, maintaining a consistent brand experience across physical and digital touch points, and has a design pattern library to ensure scalability for future projects as it continues to focus on a consumer centric model. From the customers perspective, they can now have a holistic view of their health care coverage at the touch of a button, with all the necessary tools to make changes.

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